Allaero celebrates the Hawker's 50th Anniversary

The Hawker 125 corporate aircraft celebrates the 50th anniversary of its first flight on the 13th August 1962. Since then it has been fondly referred to as the ‘Hawker’ and has become the best selling British designed civilian aircraft. The Hawker aircraft has undergone many changes as it evolved into the current version the Hawker 900XP with the original Rolls Royce engines being replaced by Garrett TFE731-3 fan engines in 1976 which in turn were upgraded later to Honeywell TFE731-5 engines. The design of the aircraft has changed little over the years with the most noticeable change being the wrap round cockpit windows that were introduced with the Hawker 800 series. The latest models now sport blended winglets on the Hawker 850XP and current Hawker 900XP.

The Hawker has remained in continuous production since 1968, longer than any other business aircraft including the Bombardier Learjet Series, Dassault Falcon 20 and Beechcraft King Air. Furthermore as a testament to its durability and quality of design the majority of the 1700 airframes produced before 2012 are still flying; with many 125 700 series and early Hawker 800s still providing valuable service.

Allaero, now in their 23rd year, have provided exclusive spare parts support of the Hawker 125 longer than any other independent company. Allaero’ s extensive inventory of Hawker parts covers over 1700 line items of rotables for exchange and a large stock of consumables, expendables, hardware and aircraft chemicals. Allaero will continue to supply Hawker parts to the worldwide fleet of Hawker Aircraft and provide a support service to keep Hawkers flying for some years to come.