Allaero expand Cessna Inventory

Allaero are pleased to announce the arrival of a Citation X inventory to complement our industry recognised Cessna stock. Included within the package are Citation 750 Wheels, Rolls Royce Rolls-Royce AE 3007 components and Cessna approved parts.

The Citation X forms part of the modernization programme of the Cessna range which began with the introduction of the Citation III in 1983 and continued with the VI and VII in 1991. Indeed whilst there is a visual similarity to these other models, Citation X parts commonality with the rest of the range is limited to a few cockpit controls, the Cessna windshield, and the Tail light assembly.

Since its introduction in 1996 the Cessna 750 has gained worldwide acclaim for its performance, setting numerous speed and range records, and being popular with pilots and passengers alike.

For more information on our Cessna Citation inventory contact our sales office on [email protected] or check our website for parts availability at