Allaero increase the storage capacity of Europe’s largest Hawker Inventory

Allaero have now completed the penultimate phase of its automated warehouse expansion programme. The latest phase saw an additional two Lean-Lifts® added to the existing seven that have been installed over the past 2 years. These state of the art computer controlled machines give Allaero 9421 square feet (875 square meters) of secure, safe, efficient storage, unsurpassed in corporate aviation. Indeed this innovative storage solution permits the holding of Europe’s largest stock of Hawker rotables and consumables, with larger items such as Hawker 800XP elevators and ailerons or Hawker 900XP main entry doors, leading edges and APU’s. Even outsized items such as the DOIW00019-1A radome and HS78301000-3 or HS7830100-4 thrust reversers can be stored easily and securely.

Industore, the sole UK Distributor of Hänel Lean-Lifts®, have even used Allaero’s use of these German built machines as one of its case studies. Allaero welcomes any of its customers to visit its London Gatwick facility to witness how best practice is employed in its quest for excellence in the aviation parts industry.