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Allaero showcases its leading edge

As part of our celebration of its 30th anniversary Allaero are showcasing a number of Piaggio Avanti parts that we currently hold in stock.

Featuring this week is our unique set of Piaggio Avanti leading edges (including 80-121242-804, 80-121242-803, 80-232117-402, 80-232117-401, 80-222002-806, and 80-222002-805) the only serviceable and complete set available on exchange currently available. Each one is available to purchase on via one of our exchanges programme options.

In addition to exchanges we can also offer a repair service on your Piaggio Avanti parts, including leading edge and flying surfaces, with the added option of exchanges from our own stock should your repair take longer than anticipated.

Please check our Website, for more information. Alternatively you can contact our sales team at