Allaero's Halon and Hazardous credentials

Allaero are one of the few business aviation parts stockists that are licenced by the European Union to import and export Halon.

Halon is included in our C352TS, 898052, PA-H3, 4190-01, BA21741SR5, BA22557-1, BA51015-3 fire extinguishers, and we are permitted to both import and export these items, and others, anywhere in the world.

Combined with this is our experience in handling goods classified as Hazardous. Our staff are well versed and fully trained to pack items classified as hazardous to transport via Air or Road in house which saves both time and costs. Indeed the only delay is incurred by statutory transport restrictions.

We do not charge for any packaging, including specialist hazardous packing, and provide this service free of charge. Please note special ATA transit crates are chargeable if not returned.

To find out more about our Hazardous shipping credentials please contact our sales department here.