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With effect from the 1st January 2017 Allaero quotations will be made in US Dollars and any subsequent purchase orders invoiced in the US currency. This policy change will benefit our customers by giving greater transparency when comparing our pricing with Aircraft manufacturers and OEMs as well as cheaper pricing. Further benefits include the forthcoming introduction of online purchasing and a chance for our Sterling account customers to switch to Dollar payments if they wish.

For customers with Sterling credit accounts wishing to change their payments to US Dollars

Allaero will quote and invoice in US currency from 1st January 2017. A new customer credit account will be created and the Customer’s credit limit transferred to the US Dollar account. Customers will be required to settle any outstanding balance on their pre 2017 Sterling account in Sterling within the payment terms of the invoices. Once the Sterling credit account is cleared it will be closed and all future invoices will be in US Dollars.

Customers with Sterling accounts enjoying rebates will have the accrued Sterling total converted to US Dollars and added to their new Dollar account.

For customers with Sterling credit accounts wishing to continue payments in Sterling

Allaero will provide quotations and invoices in US Dollars. The NET Dollar total of the invoiced goods will then be converted to Sterling and VAT (if applicable) added. The currency conversion will be that determined by the UK HMRC applicable on the day of invoice.

The Customers existing Sterling credit account will not be affected. Customers enjoying rebates will be unaffected by the changes and future purchases will continue to be included for the period of the rebate.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our sales team at for further information