July 2011

We have now completed the parting out of HS125-700B serial number 257136. The engines have been sold but virtually everything else has been placed into our inventory. The undercarriage and most of the avionics have been sent to the repair shop for overhaul/repair and placed into our exchange pool inventory. All the flight controls have been x-rayed and dual tagged together with most Shrouds, floor boards, cowls, engine intakes and fairings.

We have also been busy increasing our stockholding of chemicals and sealants as well as our range of DHS hardware and bonding leads.

Lastly we have purchased a package of parts for maintenance support of Hawker aircraft. We are trying to place it all into stock as soon as possible but to get up to date stock checks on what is still to book in please give our sales team a call for any items not showing on www.hawkeronline.com.