June 2011

What happened to May? We have been so busy with parting the last two aircraft that Mays news got completely overlooked, our apologies. Did you know that we have now parted out six aircraft,

HS125-3B-RA C/NO 25143 Regn 5N-AOG
HS125-3B-RA C/No 25144 Regn G-OHEA
HS125-400B C/No 25154 Regn G-AXDM
HS125-600B C/No 256059 Regn ZF130
BAe125-700B C/No 257070 Regn P4-AMH
BAe125-700B C/No 257136 Regn P4-XZX

With the last two 700 series aircraft we now have good stocks of all rotable items but also the more expensive consumables like tanks, floor boards and wiring harnesses. As always all items removed will have a shop visit prior to sale to ensure the items are fully serviceable.

Please note that we now have a GTCP30-92C APU available for immediate exchange and can offer a ‘no further billing’ exchange price, please contact the sales team for details.

Lastly you may notice that we have updated some of the images on this site. This is so that you can get a better idea of the chemicals, oils and lubricants that we now are stocking as well as an impression of our facility.