Our AOG Service

Allaero provide a continuous 24-hour AOG support service for customers who have a grounded aircraft in need of immediate support.

Our complete inventory of both repairables and consumables for business aircraft ranging from the Bombardier Challenger series to the Piaggio Avanti, Learjets, Hawkers and King Airs, is available live through this, mobile friendly, website 24 hours a day. In addition, due to our automated warehouse, we are able to despatch any item outside our office hours (08:00-17:30), over weekends or on public holidays within 60 minutes.

Our proximity to London Gatwick and Heathrow airport allows for a number of different options from delivery from airline ‘next available flight’ serve, personal hand carry to specialist courier.

Should you wish to use our AOG service please phone through to our main number (+44 1293 592125 which will then transfer to the AOG desk or, alternatively, email us at here.