Overhaul of Allaero's Hawker 800XP TFE731-5BR-1H engines begins

Following the purchase of our Hawker 800XP in July. Allaero have begun the process of overhauling the aircraft’s Honeywell TFE731-5BR-1H engines. This will be undertaken by Volvo Aero in Sweden.

The Garrett TFE731 series has become one of the most successful aircraft engines since it was introduced in 1972. Its early popularity and performace were crucial in it becoming the power plant of the Hawker Siddeley 125 700 series in 1976. The success of its inclusion was the catalyst of popular retrofit programme for existing operators of 125’s (such as the 600 series and even earlier Series 1 and 3’s) that utilised the 700 series TFE731-3R-1H’s.

With the launch of the 125 Series 800 British Aerospace fitted the upgraded TFE731-5R-1H which were further uprated to the TFE731-5BR-1H for the Hawker 800XP. This long association with the TFE731 series was extended further with the inclusion of the latest generation TFE731-50R-1H’s on the current Hawker 900XP.

Allaero will be posting regular updates on the work completed on our Hawker 800XP.