Customer Repair Service

The general conception is that if you send your repair work direct to the repair facility then you will avoid the profit mark up charged by Allaero and thereby save money on repairs. This is a misconception for a number of reasons.

Firstly you will have to factor in shipping charges freight and if applicable, duty. You will need to ensure that you are using the most cost competitive repair facility (rather than where you last sent this particular component) and invariably you will need to factor in currency differences and fluctuations.

The repair shop will probably not see much work from you each year or at least not enough to obtain a respectable discount. It is highly possible that the repair shop has you on cash up front rather than a credit account.

Lastly you have little hope of seeing you repair work arrive on time through to unforeseen parts shortages, repair shop staff vacations or they do not have an AOG service.

By using Allaero for the repair of your components you will make savings and save on time. Allaero enjoy special discounts from the major freight couriers because of the amount of shipments we make each week. We consolidate your repairs into shipments with our own units meaning that freight charges are much less than you would pay. The repair facilities we use also provide discounts for the quantity of components we send them meaning our charges are less than you would be charged. The goods are consolidated on the way back from the repair shop on our consolidated cheap shipping rates. And in those cases when the repair shop cannot make the timeframe you want we can offer an exchange unit from our pool at the cost of your repair.

The cost savings from Allaero far outweigh the minimal handling charge we apply.