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The Learjet 45 first flew on the 7th of October 1995 (the 32nd anniversary of the first flight of the Lear 23). Externally the Learjet 45 is recognisable by its larger tail and rudder, smaller dorsal fins, full span elevators and single piece flaps. In addition its bespoke TFE731-20 engines are housed on extended engine pylons. Internal changes include a four-screen Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS avionics cockpit and a 1.55m (5.1ft) wide cabin which provides more head and shoulder room than any other aircraft in its class. In 2004 the Learjet 45XR was launched featuring a number of modifications such as higher takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds and faster time-to-climb rates facilitated by the upgrading of the engines to TFE731-20BR. Allaero learjet 45 parts extend to avionics, windows, generators, wheels, brakes, oxygen cylinders and fire extinguishers.

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7656202000-015CABIN WINDOW
LA7656202000-015CABIN WINDOW