TTF135134 NYLON TUBE 5/16

Part number: TTF135134
Description: NYLON TUBE 5/16



Part number Condition Release Stock  
TTF135134 New - Manufactured Certificate of Conformity from a QA source with lot traceability 200 FT

TKS de-icing tubing used on the Hawker 700, Hawker 800, Hawker 1000, Hawker 800xp, hawker 750xp and Hawker 900xp. This tubing is sold in units of feet and is cut to length. Use olives part number MN101-20 and seals part number S1201-20 for installation.

This tube is sold in feet and cut to length. Dont forget for each length you use you will need 2 seals S1201-20, 2 Olives MN101-20 and perhaps 2 nuts MN4855.


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