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Bombardier’s ultra long range business jet first flew on the 13th October 1996. Whilst visually similar to and featuring the same fuselage cross section as the Canadair Regional Jet, the Global Express is a completely different aircraft due to its mission profile. Such long hauls required a supercritical wing, Rolls Royce BR-710 engines and Honeywell Primus 2000 XP EFIS avionics suite.
In 2002 and 2003 the Global Express was remarketed in two derivatives. The Global 5000 offers a shortened forward fuselage and a reduction in range but an increase in the maximum around of passengers (19). The Global 6000 ( formally marketed as the Global Express XRS) is an improved version of the original Global Express featuring increased range, improved cabin layout and higher cruise speed.

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Part Number Part Description
00020-2410-1014 COMPUTER
00020-2410-1015 COMPUTER
00020-2410-1016 COMPUTER
00020-2410-1018 COMPUTER
00020-2539-0001 TRAY
0010-01000-1 CLIP
001-5998-000 WASHER
001-5999-000 NUT
001-6712-013 NUT
001-6713-006 NUT
00434-2042-5 HEATER
00514-0015-0001 TRAY
00514-0038-0003 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-0004 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-0005 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-0006 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-1003 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-1004 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-1005 CONNECTOR
00514-0038-1006 CONNECTOR
00514-0039-0002B JUNCTION BOX
00514-0040-0002B JUNCTION BOX
00514-0041-0003D JUNCTION BOX
00514-0042-0003D JUNCTION BOX
00514-0055-0003 CARD ASSY
00514-0055-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0058-0002 CARD ASSY
00514-0058-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0061-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0061-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0064-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0064-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0067-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0067-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0086-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0086-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0089-0003 CARD ASSY
00514-0089-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0092-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0092-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0095-0003 CARD ASSY
00514-0095-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0098-0003 CARD ASSY
00514-0098-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0102-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0102-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0102-0006 CARD ASSY
00514-0105-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0105-0006 CARD ASSY
00514-0105-0007 CARD ASSY
00514-0108-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0108-0006 CARD ASSY
00514-0111-0002 CARD ASSY
00514-0111-0006 CARD ASSY
00514-0114-0002 CARD ASSY
00514-0114-0006 CARD ASSY
00514-0118-0002 CARD ASSY
00514-0118-0003 CARD ASSY
00514-0118-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0118-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0121-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0121-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0121-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0124-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0124-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0124-0005 CARD ASSY
00514-0127-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0127-0004 CARD ASSY
00514-0130-0001 CARD ASSY
00514-0130-0004 CARD ASSY
00855-0488-0005 CONNECTOR
00855-0488-0007 CONNECTOR
00861-1391-0001 GASKET
012060000 ENTRY AREA FAN
0188-5 WASHER
020-994-001 PROBE
020-994-002 PROBE
020-994-003 PROBE
020-994-004 PROBE
020-994-005 PROBE
020-994-006 PROBE
020-994-007 PROBE
020-994-008 PROBE
020-994-009 PROBE
020-994-010 PROBE
020-994-011 PROBE
020-994-012 PROBE
020-994-013 PROBE
020-994-014 PROBE
020-994-015 PROBE
021-055-001 PROBE
021-055-002 PROBE
021-055-003 PROBE
021-055-004 PROBE
023707-000 STRAP
02-7813C0100 AXLE JACK 12 TON
031163 FAN
0476A00377 ANTENNA
04C0050-201 BOLT
04C0051-201 WASHER
04C0052-201 PLATE
04C0053-201 PLATE
04C0054-201 SPIGOT
04C0055-201 PLUG
04C0056-201 BOLT
04C0057-201 WASHER
04C0059-201 BRACKET
04C0345-201 BUSHING
04C0345-203 BUSHING
04C0346-201 BUSHING
04C0404-203 PANEL
04C0404-204 PANEL
04C0413-201 VENT
04C0414-201 PANEL
04C0414-202 PANEL
04C0602-003 DUCT
04C0602-005 DUCT
04C0603-001 PIPE
04C0603-002 PIPE
04C0606-001 FITTING
04C0606-002 FITTING
04C0606-003 FITTING
04C0606-004 FITTING
04C0615-203 FITTING
04C0616-203 FITTING
04C0617-201 SEAL
04C0714-203 SHIM
04D0036-005 HINGE ASSY
04D0036-006 HINGE ASSY
04D0037-005 HINGE ASSY
04D0037-006 HINGE ASSY
04D0040-205 FORK
04D0040-206 FORK
04D0041-205 FORK
04D0041-206 FORK
04D0042-205 FORK
04D0042-206 FORK
04D0043-203 BOLT
04D0049-203 BRACKET
04D0049-205 BRACKET
04D0050-201 BRACKET
04D0056-201 PLUG
04D0057-201 BUSHING
04D0061-205 STRIP
04D0062-206 STRIP
04D0063-206 STRIP
04D0064-206 STRIP
04D0068-201 SPACER
04D0069-201 SPACER
04D0070-201 PACKER
04D0071-201 SHIM
04D0072-201 SHIM
04D0087-203 BOLT
04D0091-205 STRIP
04D0091-206 STRIP
04D0119-001 BRACKET
04D0119-002 BRACKET
04D0126-201 BRACKET
04D0127-201 SHIM
04D0128-003 BRACKET
04D0129-003 BRACKET
04D0132-003 BRACKET
04D0133-003 BRACKET
04D0135-201 BOLT
04D1039-003 GRILL ASSY
04D1044-003 DOOR
04D1044-005 DOOR
04D1044-007 DOOR ASSY
04D1045-003 DOOR
04D1045-005 DOOR
04D1045-007 DOOR ASSY
04D1046-003 DOOR ASSY
04D1046-005 DOOR ASSY
04D1046-007 DOOR ASSY
04D1047-005 PANEL
04D1049-005 PANEL
04D1050-201 PLATE
04D1051-201 PLATE
04D1052-005 HINGE
04D1052-006 HINGE ASSY
04D1053-005 HINGE
04D1056-205 FORK
04D1056-206 FORK
04D1057-205 FORK
04D1057-206 FORK
04D1058-205 FORK
04D1058-206 FORK
04D1059-005 HINGE ASSY
04D1086-201 PLATE
04D1091-201 SHIM
04D1091-203 SHIM
04D1092-201 SHIM
04D1124-203 COVER