Repair Capability

Established in 2013, Repaero is Allaero's in-house FAA/EASA/CAA Part 145 MRO.

Repaero has the capability to overhaul and capacity (Cap) check all Marathon Norco and SAFT (Nickel-cadmium) NiCad batteries as well as Gill, Hawker Enersys and Concorde Lead Acid Batteries. Furthermore, Repaero can also perform repair, cell replacement and capacity checks on L3 Communications (BFGoodrich), Rockwell Collins, Honeywell (Grimes) and Deihl Emergency Power Supplies (Standby Power supplies).

Repaero's capabilities extend further than those covered under C5 (electrical power and lights) to include weight checking of Fire Extinguishers, to reprogramming Artex ELTs.

For more information on Repaero's capabilities and pricing, please contact [email protected] or call on +44 1293 592125.

Repair Service

Allaero has been managing repairs for our customers since 1988. In that time we have amassed a portfolio of reliable OEM's and MRO's who are able to overhaul, repair and maintaining business aircraft parts often with dual or triple release.

By allowing Allaero to manage your repairs, we can pass on the benefits of our trading relationships with these organisations, including preferential discounts and fast-tracking of your components.

Furthermore, In the event that your urgency becomes critical, we are able to reduce lead-times by offering you the opportunity to exchange your unit on repair, with one of the units in our stock.

For more information please contact [email protected]