Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Allaero operate to the highest standards of quality and safety

This is achieved through our independent quality system derived from the ISO 9120, ASA 100, CAP 562, and our repair facilities EASA 145 standards, combined with over 30 years of experience of aerospace best practise.

The cornerstone to our quality system is that of trusted suppliers. Since 1988 we have amassed a comprehensive listing of suppliers and repair facilities who are able to meet our standards and consistently deliver both reliable quality product and on time delivery. Coupled to this is our own inspection procedure that requires all parts received to undergo a dual inspection to ensure that they comply fully with our quality requirements and any Airworthiness directives. This inspection involves careful scrutiny of the certification and the part ensuring no discrepancies are found. Once this is cleared the part and certification undergo a second verification inspection. This process eliminates problems that can be identified once the part is about to be fitted to an aircraft thereby saving on both time and money and helping to reduce customer inconvenience.

All serviceable parts and components supplied by Allaero for return to service carry FAA8130 or EASA 145 approval, in most cases we ensure that return to service parts are dual tagged with both approvals. Our new parts carry either FAA8130 or EASA approval or a Certificate of Conformity from the parts OEM. All parts supplied by Allaero have full traceability and are accompanied with copies of the airworthiness certification.

We at Allaero are confident of the quality of the goods and service we supply and offer a Warranty that either equals the OEM/repair facility or exceeds it. In the unlikely event that a part supplied by us should fail within the warranty period then on completion of a Returned Material Authorisation Form (RMA) we will either repair or replace the faulty component.