Sale options

We believe that as our customer you should have a choice when making decisions on both cost and value. We therefore offer five different sale types to match your particular budget.

Outright Sale

All of our serviceable parts are available to purchase outright.

Standard Exchange

This is a regular exchange transaction priced on the assumption that the returned component core only requires routine parts replacement. Should extra parts or further work and labour be required, these will be charged additionally.

Flat Rate Exchange

Flat rate exchange transactions incur no additional billing providing that none of the following cases apply,

  • Is the same part number and modification status as the part originally supplied,
  • Is economically repairable,
  • Is complete with no missing or unauthorised parts,
  • Has no missing or incomplete identification or data tags,
  • Has not been previously dissembled or sent for evaluation by a repair facility,
  • Has not been subject to accident incident fire flood or mishandling,
  • Has, in the case of life limited components, at least one complete overhaul life remaining,

Flat Rate Exchange component core returns will be subject to additional billing should they be found not to comply with the terms and conditions as set down and listed above. For the purpose of clarity should there be additional charges they will be levied at cost. The component core will be deemed to be beyond economical repair when the cost to repair exceeds 55% of the value of the core charge quoted on the company quotation.

Exchange (Cost +)

This transaction generates two invoices. The first invoice is for the supply of an exchange item in serviceable condition. The second invoice is for all the costs associated with bringing the returned component core to the same condition as the originally supplied unit, including any mandatory modification, reworks, replacement parts and freight.


Allaero provide some tooling, test equipment and a limited number of parts on a loan or rental basis. Please contact our sales team for further details.