The Hawker 900XP becomes one of the most successful Hawker series behind the 800XP

Accompanying the 50th anniversary of the Hawker 125 earlier this month is the celebration of the first flight of the Hawker 900XP on the 24th August 2007. This followed the Hawker 750, which flew on the 23rd August. The Hawker 900XP still remains in production with over 200 airframes being constructed over five years.

Utilising the Hawker 850XP’s (pictured above) airframe and carbon composite winglets, the 900XP featured improved Honeywell TFE731-50BR engines, improved cabin and upgraded avionics. The Hawker 900XP also shares around 90% commonality with the Hawker 800XP. For example it features the same NF24016-415 and NF24016-416 main windshields as the earlier series Hawker 800s and well as the same AHA1814 wheels and AHA1897 brake units.

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